A Covid-19 Vaccine for Zachary

Zachary got his first COVID shot last night. We went to a mass vaccination site run by Wake County. If anyone is living in North Carolina and looking for an appointment for themselves or their kids, this is the site we went through, but you can also now schedule through CVS, Walgreens, etc. At first, he was nervous, but when we got there and he saw a lot of other children also getting their shots, he got this sudden burst of energy and bravery and basically ran in, haha. As Zach literally bounced down into the chair, Alex said, “I’m nervous for my brother!” It was so cute. Zach said he was a little nervous but rolled up his sleeve with a “Let’s do this!” attitude. And just like the flu shot, it was over within a few seconds.

Kids have been paying attention over the last 20 months; they know things aren’t “normal,” yet they don’t spend their time sitting around looking for political reasons to keep people sick or reading propaganda that fits their narrative. They just want to be able to talk while they’re eating in the cafeteria. I think he realized at that moment just how important it was for him to get vaccinated. We’ve let each other down as a society so much over the last few years decades. I hope we don’t fail our kids. Let’s get ourselves and them vaccinated so we can stop the spread of COVID, end the pandemic, and get back to normal. Remember how cool it was to go to Target back in July without a mask on? Let’s do what we can so we can do that again.

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