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Happy Birthday to Me

. For as much as I love parties and the excuse to throw one, I have never been big about celebrating my birthday. It’s not that I don’t want to have a birthday or get older or whatever; it’s just that it’s 5 weeks after the holidays end, and until my 26th birthday, I celebrated […]

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There’s nothing like disappearing for a month then returning to write about something that no one cares about a 4 weeks later, haha. I think the statute of limitations for writing about life events that people give a shit to read about is a week. Oh well, close your minds and pretend it’s February 9 […]

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Jay’s 28th Birthday

So last Wednesday was my dear husband’s 28th birthday.  Now, we’re only a year apart again.  Yay.  We both had to work, so we went out to dinner last night at a restaurant called Sullivan’s, which is also where we went for our 1st anniversary dinner.  Sullivan’s has amazing food, but it’s a bit on the pricier […]

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That Time I Turned 29

Another birthday down!  This year, I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday a few times, starting on Thursday night.  Jay had to work until close (11:00pm) on both my birthday and the day after it, so we had to have my official birthday dinner the day before.  I wanted to try some place new, […]

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The Shire + Fire = Awesome

My sister Katelyn gave me my belated birthday present while Jay & I were back on LI for Easter this past weekend: HOW COOL IS THAT?! She apparently got the idea to make it after seeing something similar done on Pinterest. She had bought an old copy of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of […]

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Yikes it’s April already

I cannot believe that April has arrived already.  It feels like it was just February 2010 and Jay and I just got engaged.  I can’t believe that we are getting married in 26 days.  I’m getting excited, but it still doesn’t feel fully real yet.  How on earth could it already be April 2011?  How […]

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And many more!

Happy 80th birthday to one of my heros, my Grandpa! <3 Love you Grandpa! Tweet

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Bday 3-peat

Happy Birthday to 3 awesome people, born 3 days in a row: My beautiful, amazing sister Katelyn (March 7) My good friend and co-best man Clif (March 8 ) My awesome groomsman/dude who makes my sister a cougar 2 days a year Jeremiah #2 (March 9) GO March Birthdays!! P.S. And a happy 80th birthday […]

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I had a quiet birthday yesterday.  Went to work early to make up time for my stupid late flight back from NY on Monday morning (we had a 1.5 hour delay – I’ll never understand how planes that leave before 8am can be delayed but whatever), went to pilates and then came home and did […]

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Birth-entines’ Day, Part 2

So as previously noted, on Saturday night, Jay & I had a belated Birth-entines’ Day celebration. I thought we were going to Outback the entire time and before I left NY, may or may not have had a slight hissy fit over going there (give me a break, it was a really bad first 19 […]

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