38 and 4!

Another birthday week in Casa de Glatfelter is in the books.

My birthday on Tuesday was lowkey but great. Jay, Zach, and Alex let me sleep “in” until 7:45 a.m. while they decorated and made cards. I have to brag on the cards for a minute. Jay told me that Alex wrote all of his letters on his own, only having help with spelling. While Jay was working with Alex, Zach drew and wrote out the entire note on his card without any spelling help. I’m. So. Proud!

I have a pandemic-inspired goal to hike as much of the Falls Lake/MTS trails as possible. So after finally finishing editing last week’s episode of The Broadcast, I decided to head over to Falls Lake for a 5-mile hike (and find a newly-hidden geocache, of course). It was a really nice hike: lovely scenery, hilly, peaceful. My legs were nice and sore yesterday too so it was totally worth it.

Falls Lake birthday hike

After my hike, Jay and the boys met me at home with their birthday presents. Zach had the idea to buy me a coffee mug since I love drinking coffee. 💜 It was so sweet! They each picked out a mug from Target and threw in a pack of one of my forbidden pleasures, Stroopwaffles.

We finished the evening at a restaurant called Bar Taco. I was the only one who’d been there before so I was a little nervous that the kids would rebel at being somewhere not their “usual” but they loved it, especially Zachary, who had two chicken quesadillas and took one home lol. I’d consider that a win and an especially wonderful birthday gift. 😊😊😊

My little birthday buddy Alex turned four on Wednesday, February 9. I cannot believe he’s already four years old! He woke up around 6:45 a.m. I was listening from my bed to see if he’d come in to wake us up or just go for it and try to open his presents (already in front of his place at the table) on his own. Lexi is a take-control kinda kid. I think we all really just live in his world sometimes. Instead, he saw that his brother was already awake and went into his room. Zachary responded by immediately singing happy birthday to him. It was so damn adorable to overhear and I’ll always remember that.

Alex opened his smaller presents and cards from the three of us before school. In the afternoon, they had a little party for him with ice pops and he said he loved it. He walked out of school wearing sunglasses and with swagger that I will never in a million years possess. I picked him up from school an hour earlier than usual because we were headed to the mall to get him his big gift, which was a Build-A-Bear. Alex is really big into stuffed animals and lovies. He’s created names and stories for a lot of them, so we thought doing BAB would be the perfect present for him this year.

It was. He created a blue bear that makes bunny rabbit bouncy noises, smells like cotton candy, and is named Bluey Bear. He has a soccer ball, rides on roller skates, and likes Grogu. Welcome to the family, Bluey Bear.

After we did Build-A-Bear, we took Alex for a traditional hibachi dinner. He was so hungry/happy that he ate two of those little onion soups they give you as appetizers. At the end of the night, he told us that he’d had the “best birthday ever.”

Jay took me out to a Dueling Pianos bar last night for Birth-entine’s Day, but that’s a whole different post haha. Big thanks to everyone who wished me and Alex a happy birthday! 🙂

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