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A Valentine’s Day Serenade

Eeeek, I’m starting my new job today. I’m really nervous. I just hope it works out. I’m in a much better place than I was in back in August when I started my last job, so I’m hoping that’s a … Continue reading

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Goodbye, 37!

37 was a weird year, a year of change, but I learned a lot and got propelled forward, so I can’t say it was a bad year. It was just an unexpected one. I guess milestones like a birthday kinda … Continue reading

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January is here again

So here we are. January 2022. I meant to blog several weeks ago; about TV shows I’ve been watching, about what we were doing over the holiday break; about 2021 in general. I didn’t get my brain together enough to … Continue reading

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The Walls Are Closing In

We were notified that Zachary was exposed to covid at a birthday party he attended on Saturday. One of his classmates that was at the party tested positive. Thankfully, because he has been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks, … Continue reading

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Episode XXXII: Reclaiming Me

Birthday Dinner Celebrating 32! Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last post. To be honest, I am forcing myself to write this post. Seriously. It took me an hour to write the first … Continue reading

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Make the Best of What’s Around

My Facebook Memories feature reminded me that on October 3, 2006, I posted this picture in a blog post and in the “Note” section. The title of the post was, “Don’t Burn the Day, ” and my only comment was, … Continue reading

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Her name was Sheba

Sorry for a second sad post in a row. I just wanted to give an update on the dog that Jay & I found on Friday. Then, onto happier things. On Saturday evening, Jay and I got confirmation of not-Harvey’s … Continue reading

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I would have stayed up with you all night

We had a difficult afternoon today. It was my last “Summer Day” for the year, so Jay & I went to a late lunch. As we were leaving lunch, a dog got hit by a car crossing the exit ramp … Continue reading

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17 Years

17  years in heaven. See you again someday, my friend. “Nothing ever so common.” 12.20.83-5.17.98 Tweet

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For My Two Boys

This post is not going to be an update, but merely a reflection. I am feeling very reflective today. Jay and I are about to celebrate the birth of our first child, our son. Back on the morning of October 7, … Continue reading

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