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The Podcasters’ Supper

After the 30 Hour Podcast was over, a group of us went to eat dinner for a Podcasters’ Supper. Tweet Shop Amazon Outlet – Clearance, Markdowns and Overstock Deals

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Auction for Jay & Jack’s Podcast for Autism Speaks – Round 3

Here are a third set of items for the auction to raise money for Autism Speaks.  The Dharma Barracks poster was donated by a Jay and Jack listener named Brett & it’s pretty B-A.  These items will only be up for 5 days, ending when the first set of items are over: LOST 4-Toe Taweret […]

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Auction for Jay & Jack’s Podcast for Autism Speaks – Round 2

Hey guys, Here’s 3 new items that were put up for auction tonight as a part of Jay and Jack’s Auction for Autism Speaks.  Please note that the ARG Poster is by Tyler Stout and not “Taylor”.  It’s still friggin BAD ASS and I want it for myself lol.  Thank you to @Lottery_Ticket and the […]

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List & Links to Jay & Jack’s Auction for Autism Speaks

Since they haven’t appeared all together on the site yet, here’s the list of eBay items for auction this week for Jay and Jack’s Podcast for Autism Speaks.  Have fun. LOST Season 4 BluRay Signed by Jorge Garcia Autographed NFL Ref Ed Hochuli Football Autographed NFL Ref Ed Hochuli Penalty Flag Autographed NFL Ref Ed […]

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Hawaii Part 2: Fangirl Geek-Outs

Friday, Friday, Friday.  I woke up on Friday, January 29 (our 2.5 yr anniversary!) at 6am.  Why?  Well other than my body thinking it was 11am, Clif’s phone kept making blooping noises because it was 1) Charged up and 2) getting text messages.  Then at around 6:30am, his phone rang.  He answered it and it […]

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THIS IS SO COOL!!!! I’m so excited!! From the very front page of iTunes, as in ALL of iTunes, not just TV & Film: Tweet

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Just a Little Hawaiian Appetizer

I have a gazillion pictures and some really great stories from this past weekend in Hawaii but it’s taking me a little time to get them all up/written.  So to hold you over in the meantime (and you’ve probably seen this already but whatever, Clif kept us up til 1am working on it and both […]

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Chuck knows a lot of Kung Fu.

I still have to finish up my post about Jay & my’s New Years Eve adventure but I’ve been blah all day when it comes to doing anything.  Mainly because I spent like 3 hours yesterday cleaning out my closet and reorganizing things, so today I felt lazy.  I’ll get to it within the next […]

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Precious You Are

While Jay was recording two back-to-back Married Man Podcasts this afternoon, Zoe and I had some bonding/naptime: Now, she’s sitting on my back doing her best Little Mermaid impression I guess: Jay’s jealous that she likes me better than him tonight 😉 Tweet

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Jay keeps making fun of me (sad smiley face) but I AM SO EXCITED!!! is#19 in the Video section for Comedy on iTunes!  We FINALLY got approved by the iTunes Store today, just in time for our Fall Launch. Aaaannndd as of right now, #41 over both Audio and Video categories in Comedy!  Hooray!!! […]

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