The Broadcast Ep. 2.31: “Three Broads and a Baby”

Hello, happy Monday! A new episode of The Broadcast came out on Friday afternoon. On this episode, we discuss Alex’s birth (I promise it’s not too gross…), resume our debate over whether or not Ron Weasley lost his v-card to Lavender Brown, and have a really interesting share session about the weirdest places we’ve found things that we’ve lost (that weren’t where we lost them). I also share a story about a recent DMV trip to renew my license and we answer a question about what we’d do if we had to spend a few hours as a man [*spoiler alert* It’s exactly what you’d think]. All in all, I think it’s a really good ep. Check it out!

You can listen to it herehere or via iTunes here. It’s episode 2.31, “Three Broads and a Baby.”

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