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emotionally challenging

I’ve been angry lately.  It’s permeated through my entire being and affected my aura.  I find my anger materializing in unexpected ways because I have no outlet for it.  I can’t be mad at God because he may retaliate at … Continue reading

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A ‘Swift’ Opinion Change

[Like what I did with that title? ↑ I’m so funny.] Ah, shit.  I kinda like Taylor Swift right now.  By chance, I happened to flip the channel to the Stand Up 2 Cancer event on Friday as she was … Continue reading

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your life isn’t over.

Dear Twihards, I know it’s very difficult to understand this, but your life is not over because a couple who may or may not be a publicity stunt are having problems.  Your life is not a lie, surely you have … Continue reading

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Paddle Creek Kayaking’s Bad Customer Service

As I mentioned yesterday, Jay and I are going to go kayaking on Sunday for our first wedding anniversary.  I used to go kayaking in high school with my dad, uncle, sisters, and cousin; I love it.  We went during … Continue reading

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Another Point for the Mayans

I am in the best mood right now.  The absolute unthinkable has happened.  Something that I believe has gone completely unheard of until this morning. My dentist office owes me money. Yup, that’s right.  I don’t think there has ever … Continue reading

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Holy crap, I’ve gotten a lot of kind words and encouragement over the last 24 hours.  I haven’t been around much today because work was busy and because I have my very last test on Thursday!!  Well…I have one more … Continue reading

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Worst Exortion Attempt Ever

Between the various different websites and blogs I have worked on over the past several years, I’ve seen a lot of pretty spam.  Pretty much the gamet, actually: spam with a million links, spam that try to sound like conversations, … Continue reading

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It’s my Facebook & I’ll use whatever picture I want to…

To Person Who Wrote This PostSecret, Do you keep the most recent picture of yourself as your Facebook profile picture or do you keep the most flattering picture of you up?  It really bugs me when people act pretentious about … Continue reading

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

I’m back!  So sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks.  This time it wasn’t because of my own laziness or busy-ness or whatever.  I know this isn’t exactly a hotspot for your daily website visits, but … Continue reading

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Happy Leap Day!

So no one will see this today because my blog has a case of the malware and is in the process of being fixed, but I wanted to get a Leap Day post in just for the heck of it!  … Continue reading

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