Donkey Show!

yesterday i found out that someone that i work with has actually seen a real, live donkey show. i then found out a lot more about donkey anatomy than i’ve ever cared to know. repulsing, yet i couldn’t stop listening.

according to previously mentioned firsthand witness, who was taking a trip to Mexico 9 years ago with her sister and a couple friends, it brings on a whole new meaning to “hung like a horse.” I have NO idea how much exaggeration was going on – nor do I care to find out firsthand – so I’m just going to share with you what I was told. Two feet. Two fucking feet. That’s A LOT of donkey penis. Where the hell does a donkey keep that thing when it’s not aroused?

I was going to try to find a video of a donkey show but then I realized that would mean that I would have to at some point see the video and I don’t want to do that to myself. So instead, I’m gonna just do one better and post the Donkey Show clip from Clerks 2. Have fun.

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