Road Trip, Day 1 – Tricia is tired of the sunset.

I’m baaaaaaaack. I had SUCH an fantastic time. I’m sorta confused about time zones, since I’ve been in 4 different ones in the past 7 days. I have a TON of stories, took a shitload of pictures & a whole bunch of 30-40 second videos to document some of our adventures, so I’m gonna split them up into different posts, probably one for each day so it’s not longer than a James Cameron movie. The videos are hysterical though, not gonna lie. Ready?! Okay!
Day #1 – Monday, Nov. 6: Got into the San Diego airport in the morning & got the tour. After lunch, we walked around the beach for a while (hooray, I miss the beach), then I got the tour of Oceanside, where Tricia worked. We walked around another beach & watched the sunset (Katelyn & Gar: if either of you are reading this, you’d LOVE the sunsets there & all like 29,385 pics I took). While we were waiting for sunset, Tricia started singing the Augstana song “Boston,” mainly bc she couldn’t wait to “get out of California, so tired of the weather…” It became one of ‘those songs’ we played the entire trip whenever our energy level got low & we needed to be pumped up.
I think I need a sunrise
I’m tired of the sunset
Here it’s nice in the summer
Some snow would be nice
After dark, we went to Camp Pembleton (the military base) & went grocery shopping, stocking up on necessities like pretzels/Sun chips, Pop Tarts, Kudos, Swedish Fish, etc. Then we went back to Anna & Ryan’s (Tricia’s older sister & her bf) house in Carlsbad, where we ate dinner with a bunch of their friends & drank a little to celebrate Tricia’s last night. We played some crazy game of dominos called Mexican Train, which I’m sad that I didn’t discover years ago. I have a feeling that this would’ve been something that Sarah, Amanda, Sara, Julia & I would’ve been obsessed with at school, lol. SUCH a dorky game, but it gets SO competitive that it’s out of control how intense/fun it is.
Just to help save Tricia some time, let me try to explain: It’s not that she hates it, she’s just tired of living alone & getting anxious waiting for Clayton to finish up his last 6 months stationed in Japan with the Marines. It’s hard celebrating your 3rd wedding anniversary by yourself at age 23 with your husband in a time zone 15 hours ahead of you. Plus, it saves them $ if she moves back home, esp. since they’re planning on moving to Virginia when Clayton gets out so they can both finish school. That saved $, plus the money they get from the GI bill will help a lot. Plus, VA is cheap & they may even be able to buy a house – how crazy is that?

As for me, I loved the little bit of SoCal I saw. I don’t think that I’d be able to live there forever because I’m a New York gal at heart, but I could definitely do it up Cali-style for a little while. I didn’t even get to see LA – Tricia thinks I’ll love it, that’s totally my next trip if anyone wants to go…

Ok, here are some pictures from Monday:

California, I have arrived.

Tricia cannot wait for a snowy sunrise.

A Sunset: The One Thing Colleen Is Not Jaded By (At least, yet)

I do love me some sunsets.

Another pic of the SAME SUNSET! Like, O-M-G!

Almost over. But it’s my blog & I want to put ’em up. There’s actually like 248,382 more.

The suuuuun has gone to bed and so must Iiiiiiii…

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