Birth-entines’ Day, Part 2

So as previously noted, on Saturday night, Jay & I had a belated Birth-entines’ Day celebration. I thought we were going to Outback the entire time and before I left NY, may or may not have had a slight hissy fit over going there (give me a break, it was a really bad first 19 days of February). Apparently, that was never the plan but it was more fun to let me be pissy about it and watch my reaction when I found out where we were really going. Colleen = FAIL. JJ = FTW. But honestly, I was just happy to finally be here and get to go do anything with Jay at that point, so anywhere we went, I would have been happy 🙂

But anyways, we went to Kankii, a hibachi restaurant – and everyone who knows me at all knows how much I would marry hibachi if it were socially acceptable to marry a food style. The chef at our table that night was hilarious. He placed a match in the appetizer shrimp they give you and had everyone at our table sing, “Happy Birthday” to me. Then he had the younger kids at our table have a little competition in which they tried to catch balls of white rice in their mouths. The second best part of the night was when the two elder couples sitting next to us told me that I didn’t look 25, but rather looked 21. I don’t really care if they were just being polite; I was excited.

After dinner, Jay took me to the Build-a-Bear store as a surprise. This may sound kinda silly or immature, two 20-somethings dressing up and naming a stuffed animal, but I had never done it before. When we had walked by the store back in September, I had insisted on just going in to look because I had never been in one, build a bear or had someone be all cutsy to build one for me. Sooo that’s what we did 🙂 I (naturally) got a dog and dressed it up in a little suit. I’m not telling you his name because then I’ll just be completely mocked. Afterwards, we watched “Ghost Town” with Ricky Gervais and it was really good. Two thumbs!

All in all, a wonderful Birth-entines’ Day. And since “Slumdog Millionaire” won the Oscar for Best Picture last night, I’ll leave you with a farewell “Jai Ho” of your very own:

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