Road Trip, Day 2 – The Vegas Edition

Day #2 – Tuesday, Nov. 7: Aight, so we woke up, packed our shit up & decided a tentative plan for the day (leave around noon, meet Anna on her lunch break to say goodbye, go to In-N-Out burger, drive to Vegas). Since I have a serious problem with beach addiction, Tricia dropped me off at the beach for like 45 minutes so I could jog on the beach/go in the water. Can I just say that I hate the hs kids who were playing volleyball outside on the beach for their GYM CLASS?! We did NOT do that in Longwood. But I got to go in the ocean, so life was good.

We left on schedule & stopped to say a quick goodbye to Tricia’s sister then proceeded to hit up In-N-Out Burger. You know how I hate fast food & will only really eat Taco Bell or Wendy’s every once in a very long while? WELL, if I lived on the west coast, I’d totally, totally be eating In-N-Out every freaking day. Holy shit, they’re as good as advertised. They’re so good that I think if Brian had one, he’d completely forget about his love affair with Wendy’s. I think I’m pissed at Katie for not using that place as an excuse to bribe me to come out sooner. OHHH – GET THIS: On the way to get, we were driving along the highway & came across a sign that said “Watch for” & had a MEXICAN FAMILY RUNNING ACROSS A ROAD on it. I nearly died. I wish I could’ve taken a picture, but we were going too fast. Mama, Papa & bambito figures runnin’ cross the road. I need to find a pic. There we go ^. It’s GREAT.

So after my taste of fast food delight, we were off. We made it to Vegas in like 4 or 5 hours. After riding the CRAZY ass roller coaster at the NY, NY hotel (I’m talking upside down, steep drops, the whole 9 yards), I dragged Tricia to the Belagio so I could have an “Ocean’s 11 moment” by the fountain (fuck you, I’m a dork). Then we met up with Roy Tahsin, who’s the publisher of STARKED NYC (aka my boss). He’s only a year older than me, actually sooo he’s Tricia’s age. Anyway, we went to dinner at the Venetian. Amazing. Inside, the whole thing is made to look like Venice (duh), with moats & gondollas & though it was like 9:30pm, looked like it was daytime inside. We went over to the Wynn, which is supposedly the most expensive hotel on the strip, afterwards for a few drinks. It was sort of tacky inside, actually, but you could tell that it was mad expensive. We found a random balcony with a bar & watched some weird waterfall lights show. It was…strange…but sort of cool. It was something that Sarah would find awesome but Julia would be like, “Um, what the hell?!” (If that makes sense at all?) It was very artsy.

ANYWAY, after that, Roy showed us a nice hotel that was just outside the strip, meaning it was nice but much more in our price range. We checked in at 12:30am then got up at 5:15am to hit the road at 6am. Wednesday was the most ridiculous, Murphy’s Law filled day, so more about that lata. The videos started on Wed, so prepare get your eye-rolling practice in.

Greatest. Fast food. Ever.
Yum.Purty CA desert sunset.

New York gal does the NY, NY in Vegas.

Helllooooo Belagio fountain, can you tell me where George Clooney is?

Helloooooo small part of the interior of the Belagio.

The Venetian. That chick steering the gondolla sings. It’s super.

Our host: the one & only Roy Tahsin.

Part of the weird light show. I thought those statues in the water were real & couldn’t figure out why the people weren’t moving. It was a great moment for me.

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