East Village Reunion

Saturday night was a little Marist reunion of sorts, organized by Eddie (who’s birthday is today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOME FRY!!!) and the rest of the boys from the Deceitful Whore (the name for Eddie’s apartment our junior/senior years). It didn’t end up being on the Upper West Side, but rather in the East Village. Yay L Train! (Sarcasm.) I forget the name of the bar we went to, but it was this little Irish pub type place that was really fun. Caught up a little with Julia and Anthony, who I haven’t seen in way too long, so that was fun. Nothing really of note happened except the girl who was in the one-stall ladies room for way long, then some dude came out and after like 25-minutes and went, “Oh, she’s really sick in there.” Suuuurrreeeee. “Sick.” If by “sick” you mean —- ah, I’m trying to keep this PG-13, so use your imagination. But it’s exactly what you’re thinking.
So anyways, pictures below, yadda yadda. Nothing too exciting.
To note: Check out the new Billy Joel song, which is from the perspective of a soldier and sung by this dude from LI. I want Billy Joel to write a song for ME to sing. Granted, I don’t really sing or do anything musical anymore except work in the music industry, BUT I’d totally sing a song in public if Billy Joel told me to. That’s all, the end.

Home Fries Reunited!
Julia likes to stare at my chest.

What’s up, asshole?


Group photos are fun.

Amanda’s new Facebook photo?

Apparently I bite.

Random pic that looked like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Satan.

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