That Time Jay & I Met Michael Emerson

Soooo this is how Jay & I kicked off 2008 by meeting Michael Emerson. Jay is friends with Jimmy & Joe from the Comic News Insider podcast and Jimmy is longtime friends with Michael, so on the evening of January 1, we trekked to Harlem (Joe has a sweeeetttt apartment, btw) and the boys did an interview with him and his wife, Carrie Preston. Carrie didn’t join them til the end, so I sat with her for the first three-quarters of the recording. They’re both really, really nice and it kinda rocked. So that’s how we started 2008. Be jealous.
Oh & I’ve got like a zillion pictures and stories and crap for posts that I’ve been collecting for the last month that I’ve been slacking, so this is only the beginning. Be joyous as well as jealous.

With Michael Emerson

Jimmy, Jay, Michael, Carrie, Joe

Download the Michael Emerson interview:

Download the CNI episode Jay & I were on:

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