Oh this is the start of something good, don’t you agree?

Okay, so the gorgeous Allisonhas requested I make a new blog post so that she doesn’t have to see my bloody finger anymore and I kinda think she’s right! So lucky for Ali and the rest of you tired of looking at my mangled claw, I’ve got an announcement:I’m moving to Raleigh in the middle of February!My last day of work is February 4 (a Wednesday) and my birthday is Sunday, February 8. I also found out as I got home tonight that Brian & Bobby got tickets to see “The Daily Show” on February 9, so I am going to go with them and then drive down to Raleigh that week and try to find a job, etc. I’ll couch hop with Jay and Sara & TJ and who knows maybe Clif’ll let me crash for a night. At least the slumber party will distract me from the absolute terror I have about finding a job haha. I told my bosses at work and although I was scared to do it, I was really more just sad in general. It’s a nice place to work and they’re really good bosses and I like the people I work with so it’s kinda like I’d be losing more friends.But anyway.I’m really excited and really scared. I’m excited because I think that it’ll be a great new chapter of my life but I’m scared about finding a new job. I accepted back in 2007 when I decided that if it came to it, I’d be the one to move that it would mostly mean giving up 90% chances of ever having a job in the fields that I have my degree in (Communications with focuses in Journalism & PR as well as a minor in English & Theatre). I worry too much and I think too much. And nothing is or will EVER be as beautiful as New York City and that’s a fact. BUT I like Raleigh and even though it’s clear that I will really want to end up back in NY someday, I cannot wait to start a new life there.

I’m just going to miss my friends. I’ll miss Cassidy (bitch moved back from North Carolina as I was moving there), Tricia, Julia, Amanda, Amanda, Ali, Ian, Brian, Claudio, Randy, Anthony, Joe & Steph, Eddie, Bobby, and everyone around here that I know I’m not mentioning (forgive me). I’ll miss the BTR crew, Annie & Jeff & Max & Maia and all of our mid-day margaritas. I’ll miss Yankee games with Angri & Sabella & Storey. I’ll miss my dog Strider. But most importantly I’ll miss my family: my parents, sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin. Just as way excited as I am to move, I’m just as sad that I won’t get to see them whenever I want to anymore. I know that this post sounds somewhat shaky but I made this decision with both my heart and my head and I’m certain that it’s the right one.

It’s gonna be a big adjustment and I’m really gonna need a lot of support from all sorts of places.

Oh, and I’m gonna need a job if anyone’s hiring…

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