Real Life Snakes On A Plane. Seriously.

This may be one of the greatest news stories ever.  Or at least one of the best kind to read when you’re in a blah mood.

So apparently four pythons (Stimson’s Pythons for all you snake aficionados out there) got loose on a Quantas Airlines flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne, Australia.  They were a total of twelve baby snakes being held in the plane’s cargo hold.  Two flights were canceled as officials searched for the pythons and fumigated the aircraft, but none of the rogue snakes were found, either dead or alive.

Well, I guess if you’re going to have a canceled flight, four baby pythons running around is a pretty damn good reason.  The snakes were small (6 inches long) and probably did end up getting killed in the fumigation, but can you imagine if a snake (for reals) dropped from the ceiling where the oxygen masks are or you reached for a SkyMall magazine and got a free pullout surprise?  I hope no one brings their small pets on any Quantas flights for a while…

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