Hellooo, I am back from Walt Disney World.  I’ve got pictures and whatnot to post, but since it’s almost midnight on the East Coast and I have to get up early tomorrow and embrace the real world again, I figured I’d put it out there for anyone who hasn’t heard yet that the MetroBuzz reunion episode is now up on the Jay and Jack TV PLUS feed.  If you aren’t a member of Jay and Jack TV PLUS (though you should be, because there’s lots of podcast content on it every week, including the RambleCast which is back!), then you can download the episode on the reinstated MetroBuzz website!  The episode was also submitted to iTunes, but because the old feed was removed from iTunes, we have to wait for them to approve it all over again.  That shouldn’t take too long though and I’ll post it on here (and pretty much everywhere else haha) when you can download it/resubscribe to the show from iTunes.  John did a great job editing and producing the episode and designing the new version of the website, so big props for him! 🙂

Well, that’s all folks.  As they say, longer letter later.

P.S. I graduated from Marist College six years ago today (May 20, 2006).  I’m old.

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