The BSG Finale Was a Test Run for Lost

Jay and I finally finished all of Battlestar Galactica tonight.  We had all the disks except the final one from Netflix, so we went on a little treasure hunt to find the last disk at Blockbuster.  This then turned into a $40 excursion that ended up with us just buying the entire Season 4.5 when we couldn’t find it.

Before we started the final episode, I told Jay to pretend that this was a test run for the final episode of Lost (rumored to be May 19, 2010).  Well, if this was a test run for me too then I think that I failed in the keeping it together department.

So we watched the end of the series and I basically cried like a baby.  And by “cried like a baby” I mean I sobbed like a little bitch.  I liked it a lot.  I’m in the club of people who enjoyed the Epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I like when people have that hint of torture but still get their new start.  I like when things wrap up yet leave some things to the imagination. Couple things:

*Spoiler alert* I wish that we had found out what the Harbinger of Death meant but I didn’t mind Kara’s ending.  Other than I wish that she had stayed on Earth and lived happily ever after with either Anders or Lee but if she had to go away, I accept it.  Also, I did not like what ended up happening to Gaeta.  I think the whole story arch was a great way to get BSG back on track but I hated that it had to be him.  I really liked him.

So I guess that’s all I got for now.  I don’t get why people didn’t like the finale but now I’m totally down for talking about it.

One thing’s for sure though: I’m going to have to work on my crying reflex by the time it gets to May or else I’ll probably end up sobbing through the last Lost episode and totally missing everything.  And let’s face it: I’m either going to 1) End up watching the finale alone or 2) End up watching it with people who don’t allow talking or crying at all.  I’m going to be screwed.

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