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Suggestions for TV Shows to Watch Post “Lost”

Quiet morning at work today so I figured I’d try to keep up with the frequent blogging thing I’ve got going on right now.  Last night, I started watching the 5th season of Supernatural that’s been saved up on the … Continue reading

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The BSG Finale Was a Test Run for Lost

Jay and I finally finished all of Battlestar Galactica tonight.  We had all the disks except the final one from Netflix, so we went on a little treasure hunt to find the last disk at Blockbuster.  This then turned into … Continue reading

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Friday Smiday at Comic Con Ft. Robert Downey Jr. & Grace Park

Video blog because I’m too tired to write and I have to get up at 2am to go to get on line for the Lost panel: I met Robert Downey Jr. when we walked next to each other crossing the … Continue reading

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That Time I Touched John Casey & Admiral Adama.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up about these signings, because it was freaking the highlight of my day so far.  Behold: Then we dared Chris in Boston to get a picture with him punching him in the face Casey/Jayne … Continue reading

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