An Evening with Chef Jay

One of the things that most people don’t know about Jay is that he loves to cook and create his own dinners.  His best creation to date is “Jay-gers,” which are awesomely delicious stuffed hamburgers.  He also makes superb chicken-dish creations too if you prefer chicken to beef.  Last night, Jay made his newest burger creation for me and Clif, which he dubbed the “Anti-Edward.”  It has something to do with the crazy amount of garlic that the burger involves, I guess.

Anyway, after the Jay-ger, this is the second best burger Jay makes.  I figured I’d document the cooking process from start to finish.  There’s a very big reason I rarely ever eat dessert and it has nothing to do with diet purposes.  It has everything to do with reasons like I ate two of the Anti-Edward last night and was too full to eat anything else.  I wish we had a big enough place for Jay to cook for everyone reading this right now (that’s right! All 6 of you 😉 lol).  So here’s in layman’s terms the basic way to make the Anti-Edward:


Shape the ground beef into patties (duh).  Note the Lysol wipes in the background indicating that you should start on a clean surface.


Olive oil.


Add garlic salt. Lots of garlic salt.




Jay really likes using olive oil…


Great Value Texas Toast.  Trust me, it may be from Wal-Mart the best brand.


Add cheese.  This is cheddar but I tend to prefer American or Monterey (or Pepper) Jack.


Put ’em together and whadda ya get?


The Anti-Edward.


Add some of the necessary dinner accessories.


And finally, an evening with Chef Jay is never complete until he makes you play a board game.  My favorite is Blokus or Sorry! but last night’s choice was Jumanji.

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