Disney Trip: Epcot

On Friday, May 18, we hit up Epcot!  I love the World Showcase portion of it.  It was particularly awesome this time around because unlike when I was last here at age 14, this time I could try all of the drinks I wanted to, haha.  I. Love. Epcot.  Honestly, I really do.  I just like the atmosphere and fake learning about all the different nations of the world.  We walked around each one of them, from Mexico to Canada!  My favorite part was the vodka slushies in France.  We went on the Soarin’ ride (the WDW version of Disneyland’s Soarin’ Over California), Spaceship Earth, the National Treasures museum in the U.S. and the Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico.  Jay & I also watched the Captain E.O. 3-D show and Jay, Heather, Steven & I went on the Vikings ride in Norway.  We finished the evening with the IllumiNations fireworks show.

Have I mentioned how much I love Epcot?

 Welcome to Epcot

Entering the “Around the World” World Showcase part of Epcot.

More pictures after the jump.


From Mexico to China in 100 steps.

 Someone around the world…

Jay in Germany.

 Looking at Italy.

Enjoying a beer in between Germany and Italy.

France, where there was vodka.

 Vodka in the form of slushies…

Steven & Jack enjoyed them as well.

They were so good, I’m putting up a 4th vodka slushie picture.  Cheers!

Onwards to the U.K.

Somebody call 911!

It started to rain while we were eating dinner in Mexico

It started to rain a lot.

 IllumiNations fireworks show.

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