Apollo bars, A-schmollo bars.

Oh look, a bonus post.  These usually happen when I am bursting at the seams to share something or I’m cranky & need a forum to bitch to.  Lucky for the 10 of you out there reading this, it’s the second one.  Apparently it’s also an opinion that I may be in the minority having.  So here we go.

Topic:  Once Upon a Time and all the Lost fans whining about the Lost references on the show.

On this past week’s episode, the Apollo bars made another cameo.  Personally, I thought it was fun to see the Apollo bars pop up again. PLEASE no one take this the wrong way because it’s just MY opinion, but I really don’t get why everyone is bitching so much about those little easter eggs which are supposed to be fun.  They aren’t one bit essential to the storyline, so why is everyone whining about them?  Lost fans will get nice little tributes but it’s not going to make people watch the show.  At least, I’m not watching the show for the easter eggs; I have limited TV time as is, so I’m watching because I genuinely like the story & want to see it advance.  I truly fail to see the problem.  Non-Lost fans watching the show aren’t taken out of the moment.  To them, it’s just another prop, the clock was just stuck on some random time, and Regina’s house is just a random street number.  Who cares?  Maybe I’m cranky, but I’m just getting frustrated every week with someone complaining.  ALL of JJ Abrams’ movies and shows have things that repeat that are within his universe, like Slusho and now apparently Apollo bars.

Does it really matter?  Are they really so distracting?  They aren’t to me.  Not trying to pick a fight with anyone, I’m just really perplexed why week after week people complain about references that are meant as winks to the fans.

My name is Colleen and that was my rant.

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