Photo-a-day April Pics

Holy crap, another month has gone by.  There were some days when I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with one, but I made it through all 30 days of April.  I think that over the past four months, I’ve started to look at life differently because of these pictures.  I look for meaning in things in ways that I would not have before and I think that it keeps me even a slight bit saner to look at every day moments from a different perspective.  It goes beyond just wanting to share things for others to see and for attention.  I don’t know if I am making any sense.  Am I?

Anyway, here are my pictures, compiled for posterity.  Click to enlarge.  Hover over the thumbnail to see the full text that accompanied it on  If you want to play along for May, here’s the list once again.  I’m Colleen84 on if you want to follow me!

Day 1: Your Reflection. MetroBuzz segment of the 30 Hour Podcast.  Day 2: Color (colour)  Day 3: Mail

Day 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy. My wonderful, amazing grandpa, who I love very much.  Day 5: Tiny. Tiny Capt. Kirk, tiny Statute of Liberty, tiny Chitzen Itza  Day 6: Lunch. Lunch on the go

Day 7: Shadow. My dad showing Jay a view while on a short hike.  Day 8: Inside Your Wallet  Day 8: Younger You. Circa 1999-2000

Day 10: Cold  Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast. I broke the coffee pot at work so I had to buy everyone DD. Day 12: Stairs. Down the stairs to the trail where I ran on this morning!

Day 13: Something You Found. A butterfly from Jay & my hike with Dad last weekend.  Day 14: How You Feel Today. In their latest update, Camera+ wants you to know that they can't be tamed.  I feel the same way, Camera+.  Day 15: Sunset. Sunset (on the beach 2010).

Day 16: Flowers. The more colorful, the better.  Day 17: Something You Don't Like. The sun in my eyes while driving (though it does make for nice pictures).  Day 18: Hair. Straightening my hair for work.

Day 19: Orange. Sunset in La Jolla, CA on July 27, 2007 (my & Jay's first date).  Day 20: Something You Drew. I'm a writer, not an artist.  Day 21: Bottle. A bottle...or two....or hundred.

Day 22: Last Thing You Bought. A movie ticket. Really liked it!  Day 23: Vegetable. Booooring. My fav vegetable is celery. Seriously.  Day 24: Something You're Grateful For. Encouraging words from friends about an idea I put on my blog.

Day 25: Looking Down. Looking down into my iced latte.  Day 26: Black & White. Sunbathing.  Day 27: Somewhere You Went. Abbey Road!

Day 28: 1pm. At 1pm, I was making a post workout smoothie run.  Day 29: Circle. Our rings.  Day 30: Something That Makes You Sad.  Having to go to work after an awesome weekend.

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