Lazy River ‘n’ Wine Weekend

Day 6 in a row of blogging, haha.  That last Comic-Con post took a lot out of me so my next one will be out tomorrow instead.  I’m working on some other stuff tonight, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Unlike the previous two weekends, this past weekend (Aug 3, 4, & 5) were awesome.  It started off the right way my SIL Kayla’s 21st birthday dinner.  I had an awesome time!  We went to the Angus Barn to celebrate.  For those of you who don’t know, The Angus Barn is kinda like the least fanciest looking fancy restaurant, which means it’s pretty much awesome.  They put out pickles and olives on the tables when you get in and have the best garlic bread ever.  I ate so many pickles, olives, and garlic break (I’m not kidding, I must’ve had 9 pieces) that I wasn’t even hungry by the time my food got there!  However, that also made for some faaaabulous leftovers.  Mmmm.  Now I’m hungry.

Jay got home from Austin at midnight on Friday and for me, it was not a minute too soon.  I really did not have a very good two weeks with him gone.  Between Zoe getting sick and Uncle Fred’s funeral and the invasion of the cockroaches, I was already stressed out.  I’ve barely slept the past few weeks.  When you add on an absence of emotional support that can only be given in person, it was just a rough couple weeks for me.  I did manage to find projects to keep me occupied, though.  I did a fair amount of redecorating and cleaning.  I threw a lot of things away and have a bunch of things to donate.  I’m pleased with my work.

Jay headed off to work a closing shift on Saturday night, so my friends Sara and Kristen came over to hang out.  Sara just returned home from upstate NY and brought 19 bottles of wine with her, 4 of which she brought to my apartment.  Between the three of us, there was wine,  crackers, hummus, olives, raspberries, cantaloupe, chips, pretzels, and chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, was there wine.  Oh and I totally snuck my cold leftovers from Angus Barn in there at one point, haha.  Fun Fact: I really like cold leftovers.  I think things sometimes taste funny when they’re reheated.

Saturday night was super fun.  We also attempted to smoke cigars, but all Sara could find was strawberry flavored ones and they tasted kinda meh, so that idea lasted all of like 3 minutes.  We decided to get together the next afternoon to continue the fun and go lazy river tubing on the Neuse River, which pretty much runs right near where Sara lives.  She had bought a ton of tubes for such an occasion, so we set out Sunday afternoon to lazily cruise along the river.  It took us a little over three hours and everything got completely soaked, but it was super fun.  I’d definitely be down for doing it again.  My LifeProof iPhone case came in handy because I was able to bring my phone along in the water AND play some Pandora for a while as we floated along.  The only casualties were Sara’s sunglasses, one of my flip flops, and Sara’s car battery.  I really want to do it again!

This post went on way longer than intended.  Another Comic-Con post tomorrow, so stay tuned! 🙂

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