Bye, Bye, Miss U-T-I

So yesterday morning, Zoe had her two-week following up appointment at the vet’s office.  None of the 3 of us wanted to be there, but I think Zoe may have wanted to be there the least.  Jay had her on his lap since I was all dressed up purdy for work event.  First from hiding in his arms to trying to look pitiful to giving him the “why don’t you love me?” eyes.  It was so cute/pathetic.

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She was given a clean bill of health, but we were told that she should probably stay on her special diet of prescription food indefinitely because now she’s prone to UTI’s.  I’m not sure if that was just something that the vet was telling us in order to keep making more money off of us (that food is 3x’s what her normal food is and she normally eats food specifically for a sensitive stomach) or if she really will need special food.  Luckily, she likes the new food despite the fact that it smells nasty.  I guess we’ll cross the food bridge when we come to it; we’re just really happy that we don’t have to pay for any more urinalysis!  All of the money we saved with Jay not being home for two weeks pretty much went towards Zoe’s vet expenses.  We must’ve dropped just under $500 on her.  I’m so happy that this UTI business is behind us!

After the vet, I jetted into work.  My office puts on different events for lawyers in the area and yesterday, we sponsored a CLE course.  It was a lot of fun.  I realized how lucky I am to have found this great new job.  My new boss and co-workers worked together to help me to get together all that I needed to get together without hesitation.  It was awesome.  I couldn’t believe how helpful everyone was.  They dropped what they were doing to keep me from being overwhelmed with preparing for my first big event.  Even though I felt bad that they were doing grunt work to help me out, it was a really nice feeling to know that I’m part of a real team.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will: My old supervisor would never have done that for me.  I know; I saw her not do it for others.  She would speak negatively about them and roll her eyes at their “inadequacies.”  I believe she thought she was helping them in certain ways, but if you ask my former co-workers, something was getting lost in translation.  I don’t know if I should be freely speaking my mind like this, because contrary to what rumors must be going around, I truly like this person and ultimately I left because I wanted to.  It’s a shame how word “gets around” and then gets twisted, because this person has been so unfriendly to me since I gave notice that she must be operating under some misinformation to cause her to believe otherwise.  If she ever reads this, I hope that she will understand the “other” side.  I think the girls are looking for a boss isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with things that the “little” people do.  Forwarding a phone call to someone else to schedule a patient because you don’t feel like doing it yourself pretty much sums up what the problem is.  YES, it is.  Being fun to be around and talk with is not the problem, because you are all of those things.  Well, for what it’s worth, those are my thoughts.

I’m really happy at my new job.

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