A Weekend Full of Sorry!

Sadly, the weekend is over but at this time next week, Sara & TJ will be married!  Woo-hoo.  We’ll be heading back to NY next Fri morning – Monday morning.  Wedding is at Marist College on September 5.

Yesterday, I spend a decent amount of the day in the pool with Jay because it was a gazillion degrees and sunny outside (I’m not complaining, I love it).  Afterwards, we went out to dinner with Clif at Champps at the Southpoint Mall in Durham.  We walked around the mall a little afterwards, since we went to dinner at literally 4:45pm – whatever we were hungry.

While at the mall, we went into Spencer’s and saw what we’re calling our new ChuckCast t-shirts:


You know, just to show support for Subway, the sponsors of Chuck.  It’s one of those buy-but-never-wear-out-of-the-house-shirts.  Or is it?

So Friday night, Jay got called into work at the very last minute.  We were already on our way to dinner so I just kinda went right along with him and we ended up playing the game Sorry! for quite some time.  Now I’m sorta obsessed with it.  I need a life but games of chance like that are the best because they’re the only games I can beat Jay at.  Clif’s been suckered into our weekend-long Sorry! tournament.  It’s seriously been sorta…disturbing…how much time we’ve spent playing that game this weekend and how into it we get.

And finally, I had a headache today so I slept for a while during the day then we finished up the weekend with some Hibachi food to celebrate Jay’s sister Heather’s birthday.  <3 hibachi.

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