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Jay & Jack Featurette on “Audibly Lost”

Alex from Audibly Lost has been working on a Lost podcasting documentary called “Audibly Lost.” I know he’s been working on it like crazy for quite some time now and has driven around the country interviewing people involved in the … Continue reading

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‘Lost’ Podcasting Downfall: The Great Name Debate

So after Comic Con, Jay & I fostered one of Heather’s kittens for a night while we found her a home with my co-worker’s sister-in-law.  This kitten was the runt of her litter & super tiny.  She was absolutely adorable … Continue reading

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When Star Wars Met Lost

This is awesome: Lost Wars: Because Adding Jedis Can Fix Anything — powered by The cameo at the end cracks me up. Tweet

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i hope that you know that it matters

I also got some really nifty Hello, Kitty! pens and Starbucks gift cards, which were awesome. Thank you to Vikas and everyone else who contributed: Finally, comments like this one (thank you everyone who left one & made me cry … Continue reading

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Brief Thoughts on “The End” of ‘Lost’

The emotional whirlwind of the past 20 days has begun to start to hit me.  What a month.  Anyway, I went through half the comments for Lost‘s final episode, “The End” (we had a record number of page views … Continue reading

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“We’re very close to the end, Hugo.”

So here I sit, about to leave for Los Angeles for Jay and Jack’s LOST Finale Party at the Orpheum on May 23, 2010.  This past week has been such a whirlwind for me and it’s not even reached a … Continue reading

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Silver Lining

Things that are awesome about a day that was not so awesome: The Lost Podcast Music, Vol. I: 2005-2007 is now for sale on iTunes!!!  Link below.  Go buy it if you’re a Jay and Jack fan because mama wants … Continue reading

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Jay & Jack are Planning Something Big

Motherf*ckers, this is my fiancee: I think it’s super cool.  I’m proud and Zoe is proud 😀 Tweet

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Dear Lost

Dear Lost, Why did you have to break my heart tonight?  They only reunited a week ago! Love, Colleen Tweet

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Lost Finale Party Hats

Here are the two hats that Global Cash Card had made for Jay and Jack’s Lost Finale Party in LA: Tweet

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