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It’s Official…But I’ll Always Be a NYer

After more than a year and a half of living in NC, I have finally decided to get my North Carolina Driver’s License.  I only slightly look like a chubby 40 year old Meth cocaine addict: So obviously, me getting … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving in the 919 for ’09

Jay and I finally got a pumpkin tonight for Halloween, which technically began 30 minutes ago.  We both need to come up with ideas for a costume by tomorrow night.  I had bought a costume for Halloween 2007 that I … Continue reading

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When Kanye Met Swayze

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while: Okay back to working on the post for with the pictures we took from our meeting with DAN AYKROYD today!  He’s touring to promote his vodka, Crystal Head Vodka, … Continue reading

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Our New Roommate

Apparently we have a new tenant in our apartment: I personally took this as a sign that I was forgiven for my horrible accidental killing of the skink (lizard) on Sunday afternoon.  If you haven’t heard the story already, here … Continue reading

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Blind Item: Not So Basic Instinct

Blind Item:  Which C-list female podcaster had a bit of a ‘Sharon Stone’ moment last night when the short Aerie-brand pajama shorts she was wearing showed off a little bit too much?  She was hanging out with her A-list podcaster … Continue reading

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Taco Night Gone Right!

I made tacos for Jay and Clif on Friday and I’ll let the video speak for itself. This started before I even got to sit down to eat my own tacos! Tweet

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Jay’s 24th Birthday Weekend

So this weekend was Jay’s Birthday Weekend.  He turned 24 on Friday, March 27.  Side note: Sunday the 29th was my sister Christie’s 20th birthday.  I don’t think she reads this but if she is, Happy Birthday!!! Anyways, I after … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Craigslist Spammers

To Those Who Post Spam Listings on the Raleigh (or any city’s) Craigslist, I hope you get caught & end up in prison where they sodomize you so badly that you realize that that’s exactly what you’re doing to those … Continue reading

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Birth-entines’ Day, Part 2

So as previously noted, on Saturday night, Jay & I had a belated Birth-entines’ Day celebration. I thought we were going to Outback the entire time and before I left NY, may or may not have had a slight hissy … Continue reading

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A Nipply Day in New York & Company

“It seems to be a bit cold in here for that mannequin…” -Jay Glatfelter He is correct: Tweet

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