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NuNews for Safe Sex

Soooo I’ve been trying to decide between long and short hair for the last week or so.  Why am I announcing this completely uninteresting, slightly-self-absorbed fact?  Mainly because it sets up the following pictures.  Plus, I’m getting married in 373 … Continue reading

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Just a Little Hawaiian Appetizer

I have a gazillion pictures and some really great stories from this past weekend in Hawaii but it’s taking me a little time to get them all up/written.  So to hold you over in the meantime (and you’ve probably seen … Continue reading

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Justify My Love Air Time

Hey just wanted to say a special thank you to Sgractuary over on iTunes for it’s very astute and classy review on the iTunes page. Oh and PS, thank you also your lovely gem about me on the iTunes … Continue reading

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Jay keeps making fun of me (sad smiley face) but I AM SO EXCITED!!! is#19 in the Video section for Comedy on iTunes!  We FINALLY got approved by the iTunes Store today, just in time for our Fall Launch. … Continue reading

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Two things. First: Second: Tweet

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Obligatory 9/9/09 Post

Yeah, it’s 11:11pm on 9/9/09 so what better to do than a quick blog post? Today was sad at work.  One of my bosses, Heather, resigned.  She’s probably one of the most awesome people ever, so it was a somber … Continue reading

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That Time I Touched John Casey & Admiral Adama.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up about these signings, because it was freaking the highlight of my day so far.  Behold: Then we dared Chris in Boston to get a picture with him punching him in the face Casey/Jayne … Continue reading

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Jay’s 24th Birthday Weekend

So this weekend was Jay’s Birthday Weekend.  He turned 24 on Friday, March 27.  Side note: Sunday the 29th was my sister Christie’s 20th birthday.  I don’t think she reads this but if she is, Happy Birthday!!! Anyways, I after … Continue reading

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