Pumpkin Carving in the 919 for ’09

Jay and I finally got a pumpkin tonight for Halloween, which technically began 30 minutes ago.  We both need to come up with ideas for a costume by tomorrow night.  I had bought a costume for Halloween 2007 that I never wore and was going to wear it, but I lost it in the move despite trying to NOT lose it.  Ah, let’s face it.  I’ll probably end up going as myself or going as a Padres fan lol.

Here’s some pics from our pumpkin carving fun!

Zoe’s not sure what this strange new human ritual is all about:


“Oh, what’s this?  Something new and dangling to play with?”


“What’s this funny smelling thing and why is it in my home?”



Almost done:


I love pumpkin seeds & will attempt to make these edible tomorrow.


Jay and Zoe:


My non-scary pose:


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