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I can already taste the Butterbeer.

Okay so since I’m getting up at 5 hours, real quick recap story time: Last summer, my sister Katelyn won a radio station contest (her 2nd won radio station contest!!) for a trip to Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry … Continue reading

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The One Where I Spent 15 Hours in Penn Station

So here’s my latest travel story.  I do want to say on record that I am 100% aware that delayed travel is one of the lesser of life’s worries in the scheme of things.  But everyone has a breaking point … Continue reading

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A-to the-mothereffing-01

So when I checked into my Southwest flight tonight, I completely forgot that I was flying Business Select.  I booked it kinda late and by then, there was only a $10 difference between that and the lowest tier so I … Continue reading

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Why Delta is a Piece of Shit Airline & People Should Boycott Delta

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed for months and months of going to LA for a big LOST finale party that her fiancee and his dad were hosting.  She was so excited and she did … Continue reading

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