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The Turning Points

6 days to go! The constant changing of the LI weather forecast for next Friday is killing me. First it was rainy then it was sunny then partly cloudy then back to rainy with a drop in temperature. As of … Continue reading

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So What’s the Deal With Facebook?

The whole Facebook change in Terms of Service (TOS) controversy has been everywhere the last few days.  Basically, the old TOS said that if you closed your Facebook account, you’d retain the rights to any pictures, videos, notes, etc. (basically … Continue reading

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Packing Mixed with a Little Bit of Lost

I swear, I’d like to never have to pack/unpack anything ever again.  Since 2002, I have literally moved back & forth between college, home, my grandparents’ house, Astoria, home at least once a year.  I really, really hope that wherever … Continue reading

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