Packing Mixed with a Little Bit of Lost

I swear, I’d like to never have to pack/unpack anything ever again.  Since 2002, I have literally moved back & forth between college, home, my grandparents’ house, Astoria, home at least once a year.  I really, really hope that wherever I end up in Raleigh is someplace that I can call “home” for more than one year.  I am just so sick and tired of packing.

But emo rant aside, at the end of Day 3, here’s what I’ve got:

  • One suitcase = done.
  • 2 more suitecases = half full.
  • 4 drawers = done.  The remaining 2 drawers are currently sitting on the floor to my room.  It’s 10:47pm.  As soon as my blood pressure returns back to normal from tonight’s episode of Lost (“This Place is Death” – I say this so if I re-read this post in 3 years, I remember what episode I was talking about haha), I’ll fold the other 2 drawers’ worth of clothes and pack them.  Jay’s up til at least 1am on Lost nights recording/posting “The Lost Podcast” & every week, I promise I’ll wait up.  Naturally, every week I fall asleep lol.  Oops.  I swear I always try.
  • Pictures, including albums & ones in frames = wrapped/packed.
  • Purses = done.  I even got rid of one.
  • Glass of wine = Drank.  Actually, 2.  One was red while we ate dinner.  The second was white, while I watched Lost.
  • Ice cream cake = Eaten.

As far as tonight’s Lost goes: HOLY MOTHER EFFING SHIT!!!  “Say hello to my son for me.”  WTF does that mean?!  Jack?  Someone else?  Is he Charlotte’s Dad too?  Or is it Widmore?  Or someone else?  Did she and her mom leave before the purge?  Miles’ had to have been there before because his nose bleed started 2nd, so why doesn’t have have any memory of it?  Why didn’t we get a big dramatic, “YOU?!!!!” from Desmond at the end of the episode?  What’s the REST of Danielle’s story?!  Why did it end at 10pm and not just keep going on forever?!


Back to packing.

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