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That Time Our Mail Truck Was on Fire

Nothing like getting a good blogging rhythm going and then disappearing for two weeks, #amirite? It’s been a very crazy couple of weeks; we had Jay’s birthday last week (more on that in another post) and Zachary is on Day 6 of being home sick, though he’s finally on the mend. He had a high […]

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As pretty much anyone with a pulse knows, today was a total solar eclipse in North America. We were not in the path of totality, but we were pretty close to it at 93% here in Raleigh, NC and luckily, Jay picked us up some eclipse glasses from Lowes back in early July (not even […]

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McAllister Visit ’13

My family came to Raleigh for a visit this past weekend.  It was a great time.  They arrived Thursday afternoon (August 8) and left early this morning (August 12). On Thursday, we took them to a Durham Bulls game.  It was $1 Hot Dog Night, so you know it was a good time, haha.  It […]

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Team SACS Visit 2K12

Man, it’s been a long month!  It feels like ages ago that some of my girlfriends from New York came down to visit, but in reality, it was only two weeks ago.   Time flies when you have no free time, haha.  I want to recap their visit for posterity! 🙂 My friends who came to […]

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I Voted Against Amendment One

I got up bright and early this morning to vote in the North Carolina primaries.  I wanted to make sure I was there nice and early, so as not to be late for work.  I voted against Amendment 1, which states, “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall […]

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Adventures in Charlotte

This past weekend, Jay and I were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to a Carolina Panthers v. Minnesota Vikings game.  It was the first NFL game for both of us.  We decided that since the game happened to fall on the weekend of our six month wedding anniversary (coincidentally) and I had […]

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Fun with Filters

So I said the other night that I was newly obsessed with the Camera Plus app (yes, I know – welcome to 2009, Colleen…) and was having fun mixing Camera Plus filters with filters.  So this is how I spent a good hour playing around with the other night. I took this picture on […]

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I love where we started

I cannot believe that Jay & I are getting married in one week!  Holy crap, the entire last 15 months have gone by soooo quickly!  I figured that this week, I’d try to do something Jay & Colleen origin-y or something to that effect.  So I guess I’ll start at the “beginning.” It all started […]

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It’s Official…But I’ll Always Be a NYer

After more than a year and a half of living in NC, I have finally decided to get my North Carolina Driver’s License.  I only slightly look like a chubby 40 year old Meth cocaine addict: So obviously, me getting my North Carolina’s Driver’s License was not without it’s share of drama.  It is me, […]

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Pumpkin Carving in the 919 for ’09

Jay and I finally got a pumpkin tonight for Halloween, which technically began 30 minutes ago.  We both need to come up with ideas for a costume by tomorrow night.  I had bought a costume for Halloween 2007 that I never wore and was going to wear it, but I lost it in the move […]

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