Coll & Steph’s Excellent Adventure

So last Saturday (Dec. 30), Speranza & I ventured into NYC to attend Tom “Jimmy” Durante’s 23rd birthday gala. Jimmy was one of my editors when I interned at the Long Island Press last summer/winter. Steph wanted some excitement so she decided to come along. It was at some bar in Little Italy. There was karaoke. It was wonderrrrrful. We had a very long & interesting conversation about life, lessons, soulmates, fate, etc. throughout the entire night. We decided that we definitely knew each other in another lifetime (if there actually is such a thing as “reincarnation” & that she must’ve been some sort of teacher to me). She blogged about it in her MySpace blog, which is definitely worth a look (the entire blog, not just this post).
It’s funny how we revert to spirituality, philosophy and the like when we need introspection on our own lives, when we feel lost & need some sort of explanation or change in our belief system in order to find reason, relief, peace, comfort & strength. But aren’t we all just a little lost in some way or another? Just goes back to what I think is the fundamental human act of protecting ourselves: Do what you have to do to survive. Cause at the end of the day, isn’t it all about survival?
Here’s the story told through pictures & video:

Yeah, she’s kinda really hot.

And I’m kinda really silly.
When will the subway arrive?
But why is the fun park in Chinatown locked?
Time to celebrate Tom “Jimmy” Durante’s birthday in Little Italy!

Steph’s got a total eclipse of the heart (link).
Here’s a video of both of us trying to sing it. We’re so funny, I can’t stand it.
Peace & love, baby. Peace & love.
Reserved for Jimmy, holler.
Right before we busted out some old school Madonna karaoke.
(Video link here.)
Tuckered out on the trian after our excellent adventure &amp heavy conversation.
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