San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Psych-o Thursday

Thursday, July 12, was the first “official” day of Comic-Con.  Jay & I headed to the Convention Center around 9am to walk around the Exhibit Hall floor.  We managed to pretty much stay away from the insanity of the middle section of it, where all the big studios set their booths up.  We did venture over to the Warner Brothers’ booth to see all of the AWESOME posters to promote The Hobbit.  Aahhhh, I wanted that exclusive Hobbit Comic-Con poster SO BADLY but they only gave a handful away in a raffle for the cast/crew signing.  So sad.

Here’s what the Convention Center Floor looked like Thursday morning, near the “toys” booths:

We headed upstairs to get in line for Ballroom 20 after we were done in the Exhibit Hall.  It’s a good thing we did.  We got there around 10-10:30am and managed to get a decent spot in line for the Psych panel, which was the first one of the day at 2:15pm.  Jack met us in line around 11:00am.  We thought it was strange that Ballroom 20 opened up so late that day and noticed that Psych was the only USA show to be in attendance this year.  Normally, all the USA shows will be there in a row, but this year it was only Psych.  There were some pretty interesting people to talk with in line with us, including a gentleman who was traveling the world with his wife (I believe he was from Peru or Argentina?) and made his living as a street clown.  He was really neat and listening to him talk to Jay & Jack made the 4 hours go by quickly.  The Psych panel was just as much fun as ever this year.  They announced that their (spoiler alert) 100th episode would be “Clue”-themed and said we’d be seeing more of Juliet’s family as well as the possible return of a villain from seasons past.  Timothy Amundson (Lassiter) hosted it.  I have one complaint though: No shirts this year!  I wear my other shirts from previous year’s ALL THE TIME at home.  Seriously.  They’re so comfortable and awesome.  I was really bummed that we didn’t get a new one this year!  Oh, well.

I wanted to stick around after panel to see the panel for Elementary, the Americanized version of Sherlock, but Jay and I had to get back to the hotel because we had even better plans. 🙂  We were going back to the restaurant that we had our very first date at, 5 years earlier.  It’s called George’s and it’s in La Jolla.  I am so happy that we did that.  I had such an amazing time:  Fabulous food, fun drinks, great view, and wonderful memories.  We walked to the lookout at the children’s cove to take a picture, just like we had 5 years previously.  Oh, it was such a great night with my smoops.  <3

We got to bed early that night to get some quality sleep before we had to wake up at 6:00am the next morning to get in line for our highest anticipated panels of the year: Community and Firefly.  But I have so much to gush about those, that I’m going to save it for another day 😉

Until tomorrow!


I want this exclusive The Hobbit poster SO BADLY!

Psych panel – Dule Hill’s entrance.

Psych Panel – Full Cast

Our date at George’s in La Jolla Coves

The view from where we sat at George’s.

Strolling down to La Jolla Children’s Cove

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