Raise to the future, drink to the past

Ah, New Year’s Eve. My favorite holiday after Halloween. After the traditional NYE dinner with my entire family in Syosset, I picked up Golio from the Hicksville train station (after waking him up at like 8pm & ordering him to get on the next train without choice). We dropped my car off at home. Christie drove us Danny Rittereiser’s (Ritz) new abode on Bradley Dr. As much as I wanted to go into the city with Julia & Allison or party with Claudio, Frankie & Jenna Collins in Brooklyn, it was really nice to actually have something around the block for once.

Cassidy Jill & Ian-face were already there. It was a lot of Longwood kids that we never actually hung out with while in hs, so it was slightly awkward. Brian & Jen got there about an hour later. With our group complete (minus Claudio & Frankie), we had a good time. I got home around 4:30am & was up around 7:30am, completely awake. Golio, Katelyn & her friend were downstairs on the couches so I just ended up watching 24 on DVD, reading & taking a shower. I dropped Golio back off in Hicksville & then went to a diner in Syosset for our other annual tradition, which was brunch/resolutions. Later, Uncle Lou, Kate & I went to see Night at the Museum. I enjoyed it.
On a more introspective note, 2006 was a really strange, confusing, emotional year of change. I started it feeling very alone in general (fighting with Julia & Brian, bitter about feeling underappreciated in MCCTA, etc.), then had the whole 3 month acid reflux issues (medically, bc of a hernia, but I still think it was from the extremely, extremely stressful 1st semester I had last year, capped off by Uncle Emilio’s sudden death & the toll that took on my entire family), then feeling frustrated over capping & fighting, then being brought out of it all bc of Children’s Theatre (what I’ll miss the most), Festival (which wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun if it wasn’t for all the nights of “bonding” at Eddie’s, Catchphrase, vodka in the green room, all the ridiculousness our cast did onstage as far as improv, causing ourselves & each other to break character, the cast parties & that awesome fucking Sheila dress) & of course, Banquet. Such an emotional time. Then the indescribable feeling of graduation, the confusing, insecure summer which lead to me not acting like myself til Sept when my feelings were hurt further through a very passive aggressive message (though I admit I brought a lot of it on from my own immature behavior, which resulted from the confusion & insecurity I allowed myself to give into; it’s a cycle, really). Anger caused me to snap out of it, but I was mad at the universe bc I was once again feeling alone, sad, self-destructive & insecure when months earlier I was feeling like it was all coming together. I hate hate hate who I am when I’m like that, because I’m not like that. The last 3 months of 2006 were spent being miserable over still living on LI, not having a real job & slaving away at Ann-fucking-Taylor with the virginal Jesus freaks who talk shit about everyone but smile to their faces. But that was 2006. 2007 is going to be so much better. It has to be. I’m right. The end.
When Tricia & I went to visit CJ for her 21st & then to Baltimore to visit her dad, it was right after the Children’s Theatre’s Liquid Lunch, which was absolutely the defining moment for me in terms of “it’s going to be gone soon.” Brian Sabella & I at one point, after successfully planning it 2 years in a row, looked at each other & said, “This is the last time we’re doing this. It’s not supposed to be the last time. How did this happen?” That’s when I started crying in the middle of Toucan’s, bc I just knew that everything I built for myself was going to be gone, just like that. So in Baltimore, I was in a melancholy place. I remember laying awake & thinking, “Is life going to get better?” And then came Festival, Banquet, Riverfest, our awesome magazine for capping, Yuck & Senior Week and…it did. And I’m so glad that it did, bc if I ended my time at Marist feeling that for once, I had nothing to complain about, I could hold onto everything that makes a person content with life & take great memories with me, even if none of it would be there afterwards. At least I left with a smile. And though I can be a depressive bitch, I’m generally a positive person bc I know that for every friend you fight with, every bad grade you get, every person that fucks you over, every melodrama, every stressful all-nighter trying to balance everything, every argument over buying toilet paper, there’s going to be a moment where it all comes together, that makes you forget about everything that bothers you. And those are the moments that make it all worth it.
That said, here’s pictures from NYE at Ritz’s house, Casa de Bradley:
At the start of the night. Thursday’s haircut was not a moment too soon.
Silly, Ian, you can’t stop it so just don’t try to fight it…
…Nope, he may be 1 hr & 52 minutes-ish older than me, but I still showed him, ha.
Some of the gang: CJ, Golio, Ian-face, Jen, Brian.
Thankful for what each of them taught me this past year.
In the words of Ms. Roxie Hart: “These are my boys.” Ah, Golio. Oh, look. It’s the Chris Golio fashion shoot. Awesome.
I love Ian-face, birthday buddy & prom date extraordinaire.
Poor Jen & Brian just wanted to play beer pong, after waiting through the world’s longest game to get on the table (even Brian Sabella would have wanted to kill himself waiting for this game to end)…

…but CJ only really wanted to play with the dog. Typical. Doesn’t she have like, 12 dogs at home that she doesn’t pay attention to? jk

Goodbye, 2006. Hello, 2007.

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