Eddie’s Flattery

A message from Eddie:
Bluefire288: so i heard on the news that women who have bad pms have great memories, and i thought of you
My Home Fry always knows just the right thing to say to flatter me so. Such a charmer.
John Norton & I recorded our podcast last night; it’ll hopefully be on iTunes soon. The website for it is http://metrobuzz.blogspot.com. The MySpace is www.myspace.com/metrobuzzpodcast. I’ll keep everyone posted. I’ve been buckling like CRAZY trying to find a “real job,” so I’m mega-mega-stressed out right now, on minimum sleep & have only an hour to get a whole bunch of shit done before I have to leave for craptastic Ann Taylor Factory Outlet. Naturally, I’m procrastinating by doing this post. I rock.
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