My Macbook Sob Story

So I’m a giant asshole and I dropped my Macbook the other night and totally shattered the screen.  It’s not pretty.  It’s actually a really depressing sight to see.  I got up to brush my teeth and took my computer with me because I was reading something.  Then I decided that I wanted to close the blinds in the bedroom.  Why?  I have NO IDEA.  I wasn’t going to bed just yet.  I just saw it was 11pm and they were still open and I wanted to close them.  Meh.  My iPod was still connected to my laptop and it caught the door and then next thing I knew, it was flying out of my hands and onto the floor and before I knew it, I was reduced to doing blog posts on my computer at work.  Sigh.

It’s going to cost about $400 to get it fixed through the Apple Store which isn’t as bad as Jay & I had anticipated (we heard it was around $800).  A local company offered through Twitter to look at it but their price was actually the exact same as the Apple Store’s price, so that didn’t work out.  Boston and Jay were looking into companies that specialize in Apple repair last night and Jay found one that’ll fix it for $300 in Philadelphia, free shipping.  So that’s looking like our best option right now because with the amount of $$ we’ve had to spend on plane tickets, hotel, outfits, posters & other goodies for the LOST Finale Party in LA, we have zero room to spare for computer repair (especially computer repair when the person who dropped it is a completely utter moron for doing so).  THANKFULLY, my state tax check came in the mail yesterday so it’ll cover a good portion of the cost.  A miracle in the mail, ha.

I am having anxiety over having to send out to get fixed.  1) I have a lot of party info saved to my desktop, along with other and Yublog stuff that was in neatly organized folders I could easily access through the desktop.  I’m definitely overreacting but I am freaking out about whoever repairs it seeing that stuff.  It’s nothing super crazy but still info that’s not ready to be divulged yet quite yet.  Luckily, I’m not Paris Hilton and it’s not like the guys are planning the presidental inaguration so no one really gives a shit about what’s on my laptop lol.  But the most recent version of my master list for the ticket exchange is on there too and that’s proving to be a massive inconvenience at the moment.  2) I really need to make sure that my laptop is back by Tuesday for the YuBlog LOST discussion or else I’m going to freak out since I won’t have another computer to use that night.  We tried to hook up a monitor Clif had last night to see if I could use it through Tues night & send the computer out Wed morning but the monitor wasn’t working.  Boo.

So yeah, that’s where I stand in the drama department.  Actually, there’s about 40 more things going on right now but I’ve sobbed enough for one blog post and life isn’t bad, it’s just at an overwhelming pass.  In 2 weeks from today, we’ll be leaving for Los Angeles!  And if you saw my dress (and who knows, since a pic of me in it that I took to send to my mom is also saved on my desktop – so it may end up on the Internet somewhere anyway lol) then you’d know why I’m freaking out.  I have no business walking on a red carpet in general but to walk on it in what I’m going to attempt to pull off = instant anxiety.  Okay seriously enough of being a downer for today.  It’s nice outside, my attitude should reflect that.

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