San Diego Comic Con ’10 – Friday

We spent a lot of the day inside of Ballroom 20.  We wanted to make sure we could see the Women Who Kick Ass and True Blood panels and had learned our lesson from the missed Psych panel the day before.  We started off the day at the Hawaii 5-0 panel with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.  It was really fun.  Grace Park kept dropping BSG spoilers all over the place and DDK had only just started watching it!  Then he threw in his own little Lost/Jin spoiler for her benefit since she’s only on Season 2 of Lost.  It was hilarious.  We all got t-shirts that said “I got lei’d” on them afterward.  Jay interviewed DDK & the H5-0 people in the press room beforehand and that video should be on the old (now Jay and Jack Productions) feed if you subscribe to it on iTunes.

Here’s a picture from the panel:


I headed over to Ballroom 20 after the H5-0 panel and met up with Clif while Jay went to the Matty Collector panel.  I really wanted to see the Bones panel at 2pm.  The Caprica panel was going on when I got into Ballroom 20.  Clif switched places with Jana after it was over and I switched places with Michael for the Big Bang Theory panel which looked like it was a lot of fun!  Barenaked Ladies sang the theme song on stage to start the panel off.  I met up with Jay during this time and we went into Ballroom 20 at 2pm courtesy of the fabulous Melody just in time for the Bones panel woot!  There was even a special appearance by the author of the books that the show is inspired by, Kathy Reichs.  PS I just finished “Deja Dead” & really liked it and started the second Temperance Brennan novel “Death Du Jour” last night.


After the Bones panel, we grabbed a bathroom pass and headed to use the restrooms then briefly check out something Jay wanted to see in the Exhibit Hall.  Along the way to the booth (Matty Collector or Entertainment Earth or some of those), we saw that David Zayas (Angel Batista on Dexter) was signing autographs.  I decided to stop and get in line for that while Jay headed onto his booth.  Well in typical Jay luck, guess what happened within one minute of us separating?  EMILY DESCHANEL BUMPED INTO HIM!  Literally.  The cast of Bones was rushing by to get to a signing at the Fox booth and he “got in their way.”  No one was harmed with Sharpies but it was still so NOT FAIR.  I was just a tad jealous.  The only person I ran into that day on the floor was Tom Sizemore and he was kinda gross and sweaty and also an alleged woman beater so that wasn’t really nearly as cool.  At least David Zayas was super nice to meet!


After our little field trip outside of Ballroom 20, we went back for the Women Who Kick Ass panel with the beautiful Elizabeth Mitchell, Anna Torv, Jena Malone, Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  Honestly, the panel was good BUT I was put off a bit by the fact that Jena Malone talked nonstop and wouldn’t let anyone else get a friggin word in.  I honestly do like Jena Malone as an actress (love Saved!) but I would have rather had heard more from Mitchell and Torv.  Just a personal preference that I know Jay shared with me as well.


Finally, it was time for the True Blood panel.  Hooray!  The panel was great, the moderator was great and the cast had great chemistry up there.  I have to say that Kristin Bauer (Pam) was particularly funny up there (Question for the cast: “What is it like working with the animals on set?” Bauer: “Well Skarsgard isn’t so bad once you get used to him…”).  Denis O’Hare also was quite chatty (in a good way) and True Blood author Charlene Harris almost stole the show with her quips.  You can always tell who wants to be up on stage at the panels and who doesn’t and TB‘s cast definitely was more along the “into it” lines.  It was a complete contrast from Showtimes’s Anti-Heroes panel the day before.


By the end of the panel, we were definitely ready to go home.  We had survived Day 2 of Comic Con, although this chair at the end of our row didn’t seem to fare so well:


We made the mile walk back to our crappy hotel room (I really, really loved the walk but hated the room. I’d stay that far away again but never, ever again at that hotel).  After quickly freshening up, we changed and headed back out to Tivoli’s for the Jay and Jack meet-up.  There was a ton of people who showed up despite the fact that it wasn’t promoted too heavily on our ends.  There was even grilled cheese with bacon (my personal fav) and children (Isabel and Mini-Michael Cera).  Honestly, I want to throw a million more meet-ups, that’s how much fun I had.  I’ve been yakking for a while now, so I’ll just leave you with some pictures from the meet-up and stay tuned for Saturday pictures:

















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