Better Late than Never

As you may or may not know, last weekend, Jay and Jack hosted their 4th Annual Marathon Podcast for Autism Speaks.  Let me briefly summarize the awesome fun that was Saturday, March 12:

We listened to the likes of Patrick Labyorteaux, Damon Lindeloff, Kris White, Jo, Ryan & Jen, Jimmy, Robin, and more.

We tried to do pull-ups for charity.

We drank:

We went ice-skating:

And we drank some more (thanks Jimmy!)

That was Saturday.  It was a ton of fun, as it always is.

The trouble started on Sunday.

On Sunday, we ordered Domino’s pizza around 2pm.  After two slices, my stomach was bugging me but I was still in that “so exhausted I’m starving” mode (thanks, body’s insulin levels) that I went back for a 3rd piece of pepperoni.  I remember feeling so gross afterward that I told Maggie about it out loud and even tweeted about it.  I thought it was because I have been doing my best to eat healthy for the wedding and my stomach wasn’t used to two straight days of Domino’s and Jersey Mike’s.

The timeline is a little bit fuzzy to me after that 2:55pm tweet.  I remember feeling genuinely gross.  I know that Mike & Dale went bowling sometime around 3:30pm (maybe?) and that Desiree and Jon went with them.  I also remember at about the same time, Jessica & Nick left.  It was shortly after they all left that I realized that I needed go spend some quality time in the restroom.  I went upstairs to the camp (because it was incredibly private) and sat on the ground for a little bit, trying to regain my equilibrium and composure.  I remember Chip texting me to see if it was okay to still come by but I truly don’t remember what time that was and I can’t remember if I even answered him.  I was alternating sitting in front of the toilet and going outside and laying flat on the ground.

At some point, #2 started in that way you can imagine.  I knew when it started that vomiting was inevitable because I could just feel that although each flush made me feel a little better in the stomach department, I still felt 100% nauseous and could feel the bad Domino’s in my esophagus.  I texted Jay and Jana (I think?) that I was ill.  After alternating laying down and going #2, I felt okay to go downstairs to say hello to everyone.  This was about 4:30pm.  As soon as I went downstairs, I knew I had to go back upstairs.  We’re talking I was at that can’t-stand-up-straight point.  At some point, I ran back upstairs and was basically there in front of the toilet for the next 2 hours.  I got sick a few times after Jay and Michael finally got me home, but luckily that was it.  I didn’t sleep well that night nor did was I able to eat anything until the following afternoon when everything stopped tasting like vomit and started tasting like awesome.

I’m really sad that I missed the last few hours of the podcast and I’m also really upset that I didn’t get to go out and hang out with everyone after it was over.  This wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience of my life so I haven’t been in a hurry to write about it.  I am so grateful to Maggie & Jana for taking over my “tallying” duties.  You ladies rock my socks.  Thank you.  I learned my lesson for the future; as Jack texted me the next day, “Next year we’ll do Pizza Hut.”

P.S. Thank you to everyone who donated.  It is so appreciated, as always.

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