I had a quiet birthday yesterday.  Went to work early to make up time for my stupid late flight back from NY on Monday morning (we had a 1.5 hour delay – I’ll never understand how planes that leave before 8am can be delayed but whatever), went to pilates and then came home and did a load of laundry and had a quick birthday Skype chat session with Jana, Kolkie & Rob until Jay got home from work a little bit after 10pm.  It may sound like a boring birthday but it wasn’t a bad day.  I didn’t really have any burning desire to celebrate turning 27.  Jay & I are planning on going to dinner tomorrow night to “celebrate” both my birthday and the one year anniversary of the day we got engaged.  Not sure where we are going yet.  Maybe Carrabbas, since that’s where we went one year ago tomorrow.  It’s impossible to go to that restaurant and not overeat though, so I’m totally open to suggestions though.

Jay stopped by my job yesterday before he went to work to give me a balloon, flowers, card, teddy bear and Cookies ‘n’ Cream Hershey’s bar.  I totally wasn’t expecting it but it made me smile and I need to get some tequila because staring at that card for two straight days has made me want a margarita really badly:


After Jay left, my co-workers got me a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake!  It’s my FAVORITE kind of cake.  THIS was something that I expected even less than Jay’s visit (I figured that if he did do something, he’d bring home flowers or something after work, not before).  My only female coworker took the day off and I didn’t think that the men would even think to do something lol.  It was a pleasant surprise and also made me smile and gave me the push to actually go to pilates last night instead of being birthday-lazy, haha.  It was awesome.


I did have a really nice weekend on Long Island, where my mom made a birthday FEAST even though it was only me, Jay, my parents, Katelyn, and Jeremiah #2 eating dinner to celebrate.  My dad thinks he’s soooo funny. His birthday toast to me went like this, “To my beautiful daughter Colleen, who is one year closer to 30!”  Hardy har har, Dad!  😛


Finally, some fun trivia.  Jay was originally going to propose to me one year ago today because it’s 2/9 and that = 29 which = “our” day (met on April 29, started dating July 29, etc.).  However, last year, February 9 was a Tuesday and Lost was on so it didn’t happen.   He did give my parents the gift of asking them for my hand in marriage on my 26th birthday, something I’m sure made the day very emotional for them!  Okay, on that note, I’m out.  Peace!

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