Disney: Downtime and Downtown

I bet these post titles are getting annoying for those of you out there who cares about such things.

On Thursday, May 17, we took a “day off” from the Walt Disney World theme parks in favor of relaxing, regrouping, and [for some] nursing blisters!  I liked having the day around the resort, because I was able to go for a nice walk to explore the grounds and hit up the gym in the morning.  Jay and I walked to Downtown Disney for lunch, where we discovered the highly recommend Earl of Sandwich.  O.M.G.  Absolutely delicious.  I think we got whatever the “Original” or “Earl” sandwich was – roast beef with melted cheese and onions on toasted bread.  Thank you to everyone on Twitter who suggested we try it.  It was fantastic.  I recommend it highly to anyone else looking for a place to eat sandwiches at Downtown Disney!

After we walked back to the Saratoga Springs resort, Jay took a nap while I got a massage at the spa, which was a really generous graduation gift from Jay’s parents, Cyndi & Jack.  Oh, it was much needed!  I actually fell asleep during the last portion of it.  I really need to make more money so I can have massages monthly or something.  I have some crazy ass knots in my back due to a combination of being crazy and overexercising.  On my way back from the massage, I stopped and sat in the spa’s sauna and hot tub and read for a little while, just to relax and stay centered.  It really was a great afternoon.

Jay & I headed back to Downtown Disney (this time taking the ferry) that evening and did some window shopping and people watching.  We also road on the “Characters in Motion” hot air balloon that overlooks the entire area.  I’m actually pretty scared of heights.  This is an acquired fear that began in February 2010 while climbing the stairs to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  There’s pictures and Jay took some video of it, but I think I handled my nerves in a healthy, non-embarrassing way.  Well, minus the two men next to us who primarily spoke French and I’m pretty sure were laughing at my terrified face.  Oh, well.  It was neat and I’m glad we did it.

The rest of Jay’s family arrived at about 8:00pm for our dinner reservations at the Rainforest Cafe.  I’ve never been a big fan of the food at theme restaurants like Rainforest Cafe or Mars 2112 or Jekyll & Hyde, but I was quite impressed at how good our appetizers and food was.  I didn’t even think I was hungry until the food got there and before I knew it, I’d eaten more of my Cajun chicken/shrimp/meatballs pasta than Jay had eaten of his!  Jay, Jack, Cyndi, Heather, Steven & I walked around a bit more after that and Jay, Jack, Steven, & I enjoyed cigars before heading back home.

All in all, Thursday at Walt Disney World was a great day!  Pictures after the jump.

Characters in Motion balloon in Downtown Disney.

 Holding on for dear life.  So high.

 Gotta get a picture together at a million feet up in the air!

Almost the entire family shot at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. 


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