“This is going to hurt like a motherf*cker.”

Jay & I just watched this week’s episode of “The Office” with Michael Scott’s final Dundies.  I love the first Dundies episode back in Season 2.  CLASSIC.  That said, I was disappointed by this year’s Dundies.  So much potential and all they did was highlight the worst behavior from the characters.  I won’t give examples so as to stay spoiler free, but…really, Erin…really?  However, the end of the episode – however random and out of place it was for what happened the rest of the episode – was awesome.  It made me get teary eyed, I’ll admit.  It also made me say to Jay, “Shit, we really only have one more ‘The Office’ with Steve Carell in it.”  The last line of the episode also made me genuinely sad.  I didn’t expect to actually be melancholy over a character leaving a damn TV show but I am.  Is anyone else sorta sad now after watching the end of this week’s episode of “The Office”?

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