Blast from the Past

So 2 things happened tonight.  The first one was I was going through iTunes and decided to play for Jay some clips of one of my very favorite podcasts of all time, “Chicken Fried Radio.”  They haven’t released a new episode in AGES and there’s been some casting changes, but this was one of my very first podcasts and I still love it.

Anyway, as we were re-listening to CFR episodes, I decided to activate Facebook’s new mandatory layout, Timeline.  For some reason, looking at old Timeline stuff while listening to CFR reminded me of something that I both posted on my blog back in 2007 and that we played on MetroBuzz during the early, early, early, early days.  It was this amazing radio phone-tap of an Indian-American couple who got into a HUGE fight on air after the husband unknowingly revealed to his wife that he was cheating on her.  I know back in the day I shared this with people, but Jay had never heard it.  We’ve listened to it twice now and laughed all the way through it and I said I had to re-post this here.

The “fun” starts at 5:00 minutes in, but the set-up to truly get what’s going on is the first 5 minutes, so I’d recommend listening all the way through if you didn’t already here this either on your own, on MetroBuzz, or here.

American Women, They Use the Mouth

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