Disney: The Magic Kingdom

Better late than never, right?  I know it’s well beyond the time frame in which anyone really cares to hear about our trip to Disney World last month, but I’m going to blog about it for posterity anyway!

We left on Monday, May 14 and arrived in Orlando in the later afternoon.  After only getting lost once, we finally made it to our resort, Saratoga Springs.  We were originally supposed to stay in the Treehouse Villas but were told upon arrival that we were actually moved over to the townhomes section instead.  Let me tell you.  That was the best possible thing that could’ve happened to us.  We went from like 1,000 square feet and 2 bathrooms to having two floors, personal bathrooms, and our own rooms, showers, etc.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  HUGE.  Super nice.  LOVED IT.

We hit up the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday, May 15.  I haven’t been to Walt Disney World in probably 14 years, but I have been to Disneyland twice in recent years (2008 & 2010), so I wasn’t totally out of theme park shape.  We did all of the big rides pretty quickly:  Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, etc.  Luckily, the first few days we were there, we didn’t have much waiting.  I think the biggest wait on our first day at the Magic Kingdom was for the Winnie the Pooh ride.  Space Mountain and Splash Mountain were my favorites, but that’s because I’m a big roller coaster fan.  The second time we went on Space Mountain, we went on a different track than the first time and I thought it was way better.  I got completely soaked on Splash Mountain.  It was a freaking blast, though.

Other attractions we did include the Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, PeopleMover, Swiss Family Treehouse, and It’s a Small World.  I really liked the PeopleMover because you got to see all of Tomorrowland and it reminded me of the Lorax ride at Universal Studios.  I also was glad that Jay and I watched the Carousel of Progress.  The final bit was a bit outdated now, but it was neat to see how technology has changed throughout the past century.  I like learning about those things.  On the way out, we stopped at some stores on Main Street USA and I came across some awesome Disney clothing designed by Cortney aka @Corwill on Twitter.  That was a big deal for me!  I can’t believe I “know” someone who designs Disney merch!

We ended up leaving around 7ish that first day.  It began raining pretty steadily and we were all starving, so we went back to the resort, found food after a long, long, long trek around Saratoga Springs to find food, and then finished the day by chilling in the hot tub.

Pictures after the jump.  Stay tuned for our Hollywood Disney adventures!

Our kick-ass living room/kitchen set up at the Saratoga Springs Townhomes.

On the ferry to Downtown Disney on our first night there.

Jay at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney in Toy Story heaven, haha.

The Magic Kingdom!

Glatfelter family shot in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Jack’s favorite Disney view.

Photobomb at Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Fun on Splash Mountain

I got splashed 🙁

Looks like rain…

I found some of the neat swag designed by Cortney aka @corwill!

Chilling in the hot tub to relax.

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