MetroBuzz Episode 110 is Out

MetroBuzz episode 110, “MetroMatch” is up on the website and the feed.  If you’re so inclined, click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or here to visit our website.  Below is a “behind-the-scenes” picture from the recording of this episode.  Look closely at it so you can view how mature we ladies are.  Enjoy!

Quick P.S. – This was mentioned at the end of the show, but it was edited out.  Allison’s blog address is Spaghetti Betty and it’s on my blogroll to the right hand side of this site.  Amanda mentions on the show, but Her username is “BlondOverBlue,” name is “Firefly71284,” and Julia’s is “JGraham19.”  Julia mentions Twitter – her handle is @JuliaGraham & Allison’s Twitter handle is @SpaghettiStrand.

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