Goodbye, Furman Hall

Note: I tried posting this last night until about 1:15 a.m. on the WordPress app on my phone, but it kept crashing on me.  Pretend all the “tonight’s” are “last night.”  Stupid no Internet ruining my emotional moment!

Well, we officially moved out of our trusty old apartment. I cried when we did our last sweep and locked it for the last time. I remember clearly the day I moved in: Jay & I arrived at night with the U-haul that we drove to and from my home on Long Island. Clif met us at the empty apartment. We found it because he had lived there the year before. We moved everything I had in, then sat on the old couch and drank Samuel Adams Winter White Ale. It was a good night and I felt like life was just beginning. I still remember that night so clearly.

Tonight, the Highlands at Olde Raleigh part of life officially ended.  We left the apartment as empty as it was when we moved in.

Goodbye, Furman Hall.  Time to move on to the next great adventure.


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