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Mars & Venus Read Cosmo

So in my crazy emo mood last night [I feel better now], I was of course reading the article on the left in Cosmo while brushing my teeth.  I left it open to that page for Jay to see it … Continue reading

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Forgive my absence…

…but I have just been a little overwhelmed trying to get into a routine balancing work, school, lots and lots of homework, and physical fitness. Here is a cute picture of Zoe trying to sit in my shoe as though … Continue reading

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Professional Wedding Pictures Preview

Not only was yesterday mine and Jay’s 4th dating anniversary and our 3 month wedding anniversary, but it was also the day that our fabulously talented wedding photographer Ken Hild gave us our wedding pictures!  He gave 1,035 pictures on … Continue reading

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That Time My Sister Ran into De Niro & Stallone.

Jay and I have been very fortunate to run into celebrities while at San Diego Comic Con, but my sister and Jeremiah #2 seriously have to gift of random celeb encounters.  Saturday morning, Katelyn texted me: A few minutes ago, … Continue reading

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Mmmm Waffels

Dear Wal-Mart, If you don’t want to have a reputation of being low class, then perhaps you should hire someone to spell check your receipts: Sincerely, Colleen Tweet

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Farewell, Favorite White Hoodie

It looks like I’m going to have to put to rest my favorite sweatshirt, my 3/4 length sleeve, white cotton hoodie with pockets from Ann Taylor Factory a la 2006.  I love this sweater/sweatshirt.  Both of these holes appeared today … Continue reading

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oh haiii new driver’s license!

My new driver’s license came in the mail today.  I was totally unprepared to take a new picture for it (I thought all I’d have to do was give the DMV a new signature!) but here’s how it came out.  … Continue reading

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Legally CHG, yo

Jay & I got a pleasant surprise last night when we got home from Mexico to find that our official State of New York Marriage License had arrived already!  I brought it down to the Social Security Administration office this … Continue reading

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We did it!

Well, we did it!  The wedding went off without a hitch.  Jay even said “I do” too early because we were so excited hehe.  This is a short post because I’m exhausted and we’re getting up at 5:30am to make … Continue reading

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I think I’ll skip the trip to Oz today, thank you very much.

I stopped to get the mail on my way back from the gym/doing errands just as the storm began to hit.  I guess the tornado and high wind warnings were true, because this branch broke off a tree about 15 … Continue reading

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