July 29, 2007.

Okay!  We’re just about down to one more day so let me wrap up the story of how Jay & I officially became a couple.  So let me get to that.  But first, a weather check:

Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Let’s get started.

On July 28, 2007, Jay and Jack had their first ever panel at Comic Con.  I was in attendance, as was Jana, Ralph, Clif, John, Rob, Ben, Michael, etc:

After the panel, Jana, John, Clif, and I went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with Jay’s family, including his parents, sisters, Grandma Bev, and Rob.  It was a lot of fun!

After dinner, we decided to go back to my and John’s hotel room for a quick breather.  I’m not positive what the exact reason was but we were never supposed to be there for very long.  It was during this point that the video camera came out, Clif decided to take a dump in our bathroom, John tried telling a story about fried rice, and basically, hilarity ensued.  The result can be seen on the MetroBuzz In San Diego Vidcast #4.  Here’s a link to download it: “MetroBuzz in San Diego: Clifhangers & Crocks”. It’s too long for me to even try uploading to YouTube, but if you’re interested in a laugh and seeing Jay fall off a bed, then you should check it out.  It was a good time.

We left our hotel room and headed to the room where Jay, Clif, Ralph, Ben & some other people were staying.  Ralph & I had decided that Jay really needed to watch Arrested Development so after Ralph was done “making coffee,” we all settled down on the two beds in the room to watch it.  At some point, both Jay and I fell asleep on Ralph’s bed.  Being the swell guy that he is, Ralph made the sacrifice to sleep on the floor to not wake us up.  If you were around Jay & Jack/MetroBuzz/Dharmalars-land in August 2007, you may remember that being an inside joke because Ralph caught a cold from sleeping on the floor that night.

Jay and I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and since John had left early that night, I knew he’d be worried that it was like 3 or 4am and I still wasn’t back to the hotel.  Jay drove me home and when we got to the hotel, we were talking about how sad it was that I’d have to go back to New York the next (or rather later on that) day.  It was the early morning of July 29, 2007, three months to the day since we had first met in person.

I asked Jay, “So what happens when I leave?  Are we officially a couple?”

Jay, “Well…do you want to go out with me?”

Me, “Yes!”

So there you have it, boys and girls.  Just like that, plain and simple.  We said good night.  I went upstairs to go to bed in the hotel room and I fell asleep happy, excited, and peaceful.

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