Justify My Love Air Time

Hey just wanted to say a special thank you to Sgractuary over on iTunes for it’s very astute and classy review on the nuDia.tv iTunes page.

Oh and PS, thank you also your lovely gem about me on the iTunes page for the Jay & Jack Show.  It also meant a lot.

Haha, I wonder if people purposely write those particularly kindly worded reviews because they know that the people they’re writing about are going to see them, even if they are addressing other parties.  Are they trying to make that person feel like crap?  Is it one of those things where they are trying to “knock that person down a peg”?  Or are they really so self-important that they take the iTunes review system so seriously that they feel it’s their civic duty to make sure everyone knows just how much they think someone else sucks?  Luckily, I have been trashed enough times in the last 2.5 years – including by people who were supposed to be my friends – that I can’t really dwell on it anymore.  Sure, it may bother me when I read it, but not like it used to.  I used to be really hurt by that stuff.  Not really when it came to MetroBuzz because we got some really helpful constructive criticism that I personally felt was beneficial to us for a period of time.  But honestly, until probably July of this year, I was hurt by such reviews.  Now, I have too much else on my plate – See: a 45-hour-a-week paying job, running YuBlog.org, working on nuDia.tv (both sites take many non-at-work hours a week), managing a healthy relationship that apparently keeps me on nuDia.tv, traveling to have the proper family time, working out in order to take care of myself again, balancing a normal life, etc al.

Oh and dude, you are free to submit a show to nuDia.tv for either the “Winter Break” season that’s going to be for 6 weeks after New Years or the Spring season, starting in March.  Hopefully Jay will be in love with you enough to put you on the site too!

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